Our Machines

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Grinding Machine

Ground9 grinding machine is your choice if you are looking for a lightweight and convenient grinding machine, it can meet the requirements of industry floors and commercial floors, it has the equivalent of construction effect of large equipment...


Polishing Machine

is the high speed polishing equipment, work area 700mm and maximum speed 2500 rpm. Omit 3-4 steps procedures compared to traditional construction and reach the same construction effect.


Edge Grinding Machine

Ground9 edge grinding machine is a true edge grinder which is worth having and showing to others . The birth of this edge grinding machine can save a lots of labor., and guarantee its construction grinding effect has the competitiveness to compare...


Vaccum Machine

is a professional development of dust collection equipment for ground treatment .Mechanical design has three layers of filtering device and cellular filter system, automatic closing and powerful dedusting device, equipped with high-power power system...


Scarifire Machine

The Basics Construction is a messy process any way you go about it. Sure, some contractors may be cleaner than others, but no one is perfect. As a result, there will be all kinds of nasty debris and what not on flooring and pavements.