Clean Rooms Solutions

What are Clean Rooms Solutions?

The bulk of the contamination in a Cleanroom resides on the floor. It is important that consideration be given to the best flooring solution for your application. The main types of Cleanroom flooring: – Epoxy Coatings for clean rooms – ESD Control Systems for clean rooms Epoxy Coatings for clean rooms An Epoxy coating system is designed to provide aesthetic enhancement and protection to a surface. The best situation in which to specify a coating is where the concrete substrate is in good condition with minimal spalling or cracking. Because an Epoxy coating is dense, seamless and has low porosity, it is easy to clean and maintain. Coatings are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to match your floor’s new look to the rest of the environment. Usually applied in 10-25 mils the system fills in small imperfections in a floor’s surface, so there is some levelling. The coatings are generally recommended for assembly and light manufacturing areas ,While epoxy coatings offer good to excellent resistance against many chemicals and are easy to clean, urethanes offer better stain resistance. Applications involving exposure to harsh chemicals may require corrosion control systems. – Coatings for Concrete, Metal & Previously Coated Floors – High-Gloss Reflective Coatings Available Wall Coatings – Easy-to-Clean & Maintain – 100% Solids & Waterborne Coatings Available – Dense Seamless with Low Porosity – All Colors Available – Excellent Impact & Abrasion Resistance – Environmentally Friendly – Low Odou ESD Control Systems for clean rooms In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. Even when people are equipped to handle static-sensitive devices, inadvertent contact can occur. ESD floor, wall and ceiling coatings and toppings can tie your entire ESD system together

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