About Us


Ground9 flooring is a specialized company in industrial flooring. It was established in the beginning of 2019. In Egypt, ancient ancestors were very passionate about building, construction, architecture and decoration and this passion is now increasing as seen in new cities and compounds so, we decided to fill a gap in one of the most important elements in pre-mentioned interests of Egypt people, floors. but because Egypt worth more than just filling a gap, we are providing a unique solutions and services of industrial floors. With our professional team, new techniques, and modern machines, we are aiming to change the perspective of industrial floors in Egypt.



We are aiming to be the first industrial flooring company in Egypt and Middle East by providing a great valuable industrial floors services that will totally change the perspective of floors.


Ground9 flooring company installs all kinds of industrial flooring with a very professional technical team, new techniques and modern machines to provide a cost-effective service suits the rapid development of construction field in Egypt and Middle East area.

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