Scarifire Machine

Construction is a messy process any way you go about it. Sure, some contractors may be cleaner than others, but no one is perfect. As a result, there will be all kinds of nasty debris and what not on flooring and pavements. Essentially, a scarifying machine will level off and clean up any of these imperfections leaving a beautifully finished surface. Scarifiers go by a myriad of names. You may know them as milling machines, surface planers or the “concrete killer”. Yes – the last one is made up. There is some truth to that nickname, though. Either way, they are known for scarifying concrete. Scarifiers remove concrete at a much more efficient and powerful rate than their underachieving cousin the “grinder”. This is done by repeatedly hitting the concrete with “flails”. Flails are the life blood of the scarifier. Picture cutting wheels with multiple tips on them. These tips rotate at high speeds while aggressively cutting away at the surface. As you can imagine, it works pretty well. These cutting wheels come in a variety of shapes and sizes for any type of job that one requires.