Edge Grinding Machine

Ground9 edge grinding machine is a true edge grinder which is worth having and showing to others . The birth of this edge grinding machine can save a lots of labor., and guarantee its construction grinding effect has the competitiveness to compare with large construction equipment, it has the same stability to large equipment, these enough to prove that it is a perfect edge treatment equipment. 1.This machine has the unique electrical lifting system for its rear moving wheels, this system can adjust the height of abrasives timely in the course of abrasive consumption during the operation so as to ensure machine is in it’s optimal operational capacity. 2.Integrated with water-draining&dust-collecting systems, this machine leaves nothing but gloss after grinding process. Innovative design of grinding plate can increase abrasive’s grinding capacity by 10%. 3.Designed with ergonomics in mind, there are several parts of handle of machine are adjustable, it can adjust accordingly for different shapes of operators. 4.The body of machine and grinding heads are able to adjust in a scope of 90 degrees, this design not only improves operational capacity but also produces greater grinding result. 5.Grinding heads equipped with guiding device can move along with grinding plate in a scope of 360 degrees, dramatically increase edge grinding precision and flexibility of machine. 6.Major driving system and grinding plate can move in both X and Y axis directions, scope of adjustment is contingent upon the condition of floor to ensure the excellent flatness and gloss are the final conclusion